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The Vision of  Place for Dreamers, CDC is to provide an array of Therapeutic and Residential Services for Adults and Families to include: Physical, Spiritual and Mental Developmental Disabilities and other Behavioral challenges with a special focus on USA Military Veterans and Special Needs.The Mission of Place for Dreamers, CDC is to promote Veterans with disabilities family, friend and community socialization and unity through Animal, Spiritual and Physical Assisted Therapy. Our mission is to bridge the gap in the division in the soldiers’ immediate family which has long-term or lifetime effects on everyone involved.  Everyone is not an animal lover or chose to bond with animals for therapeutic benefits.  However, there are other programs that Place for Dreamers, CDC offer for our Disabled Veterans and Special Needs.  The future goals for Place for Dreamers, CDC are to assist with rehabilitating soldiers in social areas by acclimating them back into the work field and or coping with society.  Veterans have the first rights to activities, jobs and training for all the many positions that are offered at Place for Dreamers Ranch on behalf of Place for Dreamers, CDC

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  Animal Assisted Therapy

What is AAT

Chalan Wyatt is the President and founder of 'A Place for Dreamers'. She is a generous donor and business owner of 20 years. Within that time frame she became a humanitarian as well as a student of the industry. Her pedigree includes:

Assisting large and small business in how to operate from the planning stage financially to choosing an award winning staff. During her career as a commercial and Residential Mortgage Broker/Underwriter, Chalan had the privilege of providing financial seminars for clients to teach them how to make informed decisions about Real Estate as well as how to structure multi --million dollar projects. She Has a passion for participating in Building Faith Foundations and helping people achieve their dreams and goals through healing.

Chalan Was deeply entrenched in the passion for disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy in New York City and Katrina in New Orleans in which she adopted 3 families who lived in her home. This experience taught her the powerful need of caring for those who are suffering distress and loss.

She Works with Special Need and Behavioral Challenges Children and because of her own child who has Special Needs due to Autism, she has grown to understand the love, patience and passion it takes to understand and bring calm to special needs children this encourage her to open a Therapeutic Health and Wellness Massage business called Spa Heaven Massage PLLC. In 2014, she was featured in Fort Bend Christian Magazine, Katy Christian Magazine, Up Close Magazine and Community Impact Newspaper along with her 3 sons, Molique, Roland and Anthony, expressing the importance of healing with the various types of massages. Healing through massage has been the stepping stone to her greater mission of serving others.

Chalan latest endeavor includes horseback training lessons and assist with animal assisted therapy for clients that have been wounded, abused or have lost their way. She enjoy Gospel, Western Music, Rhythm and Blues, line dancing and learning new dance steps. She has always wanted to take up Archery and piano lessons as well as travel to Jerusalem. Her biggest attribute is her listening skills. She is a great listener and devotee to her mission in helping and leading people,

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Some of our  ACTIVITIES

“To have the sense of creative activity is the great happiness and the great proof of being alive”

Matthew Arnold





Our vision and mission


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A Place For Dreamers is a nonprofit 501 c (3) organization. Proceeds are raised to support the construction and building of APFD to provide Animal Assisted Therapy. All donations are tax deductible. We provide many ways to raise funds for this project, including donations, raffle tickets, functions etc. Please help us in our mission to serve our disabled veterans and special needs

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What is AAT?

Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a type of therapy that involves animals as a form of treatment. The goal of AAT is to improve a patient's social, emotional, or cognitive functioning. Advocates state that animals can be useful for educational and motivational effectiveness for participants.[1] A therapist who brings along a pet may be viewed as being less threatening, increasing the rapport between patient and therapist.[2] Animals used in therapy include domesticated pets, farm animals and marine mammals (such as dolphins). Research literature presents the Relationship between human and companion animals favourable

How do horses help kids & veterans with behavioural issues?

Horses Help Kids with Emotional and Behavioural Issues. Kids with emotional and behavioural issues can be difficult to work with. Most of them are slow to trust adults and may be unwilling to trust anyone at all. In addition, if the emotional or behavioural issues are caused by abuse, the child could be angry and prone to emotional outbursts. Cognitive therapy that includes an equine assisted program can be of great benefit to this type of person.

There are several aspects of cognitive/equine assisted therapy that work well with kids who have emotional and behavioural issues. One of the simplest aspects is diversion. When a young person is focused on grooming, feeding, or exercising a horse, his focus is no longer on his own issues and problems. Far from being a "means of escape", caring for the horse provides an often-needed respite for the person's emotions and intellect. It can help the person feel refreshed and energized because the mind has been allowed to "rest" from its current problems.

In order to properly care for a horse, new skills must be developed. The process of developing these skills can help kids who are especially impatient, anxious, or have low self-confidence. Open communication between counsellor/ horse guide and client is important when the client is learning new skills. The young person is reassured that learning these skills takes time, and it is ok if he doesn't get things right the first time. Skill development gives the young person a safe environment in which to make mistakes. He or she may have a parent or sibling who's very critical and unforgiving of mistakes, so equine therapy sessions can be an excellent tool for counteracting the criticism. Feelings of fear, frustration, or anxiety can be validated by the therapist, teaching the young person that these feelings are healthy while he's developing appropriate coping mechanisms. As the young person gets better and better at caring for the horse, his confidence often increases. Some of the skills, like learning to walk or talk. A horse can be learned fairly quickly and give the young person an immediate taste of success.



$75 - 1hr of Horseback Riding per person

$49 - 30min of Horseback Riding per person

$3 -   per minute for Pony Rides

Group Rates Very (Pony Ride/Petting Zoo Parties and Horseback Riding Parties also)


$129  for 2 Rides      ($150 Value)    1hr        $189 for 3 Rides      ($225 Value)     1hr

$259 for 4 Rides      ($300 Value)     1hr        $319 for 5 Rides      ($375 Value)     1hr

$385 for 6 Rides      ($450 Value)     1hr        $445 for 7 Rides      ($525 Value)     1hr

$510 for 8 Rides      ($600 Value)     1hr        $570 for 9 Rides       ($675 Value)    1hr


$640    10 Pack      ($750 Value)     1hr         $1805    30 Pack      ($2250 Value)  1hr

$2750  50 Pack      ($3750 Value)   1hr          

$199 for 1 Horse/Pony Group  of 10 or less    1 hour

$299 for 2 Horse/Pony Group of 10 or less     1 hour

$399 for 3 Horse/Pony Group of 10 or less     1 hour

$299 for 1 Horse/Pony Group of 18 or less     1 hour

$399 for 2 Horse/Pony Group of 18 or less     1 hour

$499 for 3 Horse/Pony Group of 18 or less     1 hour

$299 for 1 Horse/Pony Group of 10 or less     2 hour

$399 for 2 Horse/Pony Group of 10 or less     2 hour

$499 for 3 Horse/Pony Group of 10 or less     2 hour

$399 for 1 Horse/Pony Group of 18 or less     2 hour

$499 for 2 Horse/Pony Group of 18 or less     2 hour

$599 for 3 Horse/Pony Group of 18 or less     2 hour

*Add $125 to each package of under 25 guest or less

*Custom Packaging for Large groups with guest that

 prefer not to pony ride around on horses(s)


Contact information

A Place For Dreamers  9435 Oberrender Road

Needville, TX 77461

(281) 407 0026

An IRS 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization

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